Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi, chairs a meeting of the Ministerial

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi chaired Monday a meeting of the Ministerial Committee of energy. During the meeting, a presentation to the Committee on Energy and the tasks entrusted with the strategy and the draft water injection in the Garraf field and asked the Ministry of Electricity to supply spare parts for gas units and the draft tube Marine converter from the Organization of JICA Japanese and a number of threads Other regarding the improvement of the electric power system and increase the export of oil. He said the Prime Minister that the country faces many challenges, especially the financial crisis as a result of lower oil prices globally and we have many plans to address them pointing to the importance placed Strategies that contribute to an increase of oil exports in addition to do more efforts to increase the production of electric energy, reflected positively on the citizens.

Information Office of the Prime Minister