General Manager of the real estate registration Department to inventory files and archived for safekeeping of manipulation and loss

Conducted an inspection visit to the Karkh Directorate of land registry/first
Director General of the Department of real estate registration Mehdi Taleb, an inspection visit to the Directorate of land registry/Karkh, see workflows and identify the needs of citizens and staff alike.

The Director General assured: this visit comes as part of the Government's reform program, which seeks to implement the real property registration Department via the calendar work in their constituencies, in order to improve the quality of services provided to citizens and to complete transactions as quickly as possible. The Director General said: the guidance issued that all real estate balaamamat from PES, which stipulates simplifying procedures relating treatment real estate and commitment to inventory files and archived to save property and safety properties of manipulation and loss. The Director General explained: the guidance Minister d. Haidar Al-zamily, stressed the need to hold accountable whoever delaying treatment, taking into account the account transactions of special cases of the disabled and the elderly. Meanwhile, the Director of land registration/first apportionment Sarhan Al-Karkh: thanks and appreciation to the Director General and the delegation accompanying him on the visit, which is contributed to the morale of the cadre the functional.