Conclusion of the Turkish-Arab Forum

2/9/2015 0:00

Concluded in the Turkish city of Istanbul on Tuesday, the activities of Turkish-Arab forum for real estate investments, while due to the Istanbul Finance Summit kicks off with the participation of heads of central banks of many countries and the most important local economists and foreign experts in the eighth and ninth of September Gara.ostard expert Arab-Turkish relations Ghazi Msrla, during the Forum, which was attended by representatives of Arab and Turkish newspapers, among them «morning», the wishes of Arab investors in real estate projects in Turkey and the model of work they wish Bh.ufema eating economist Ahmed Jubair look at the Arab world, to market Turkish property, gave the mayor of Beyoglu Ahmed lamp Dmarjan speech in which he talked about the Arab Turkah.bdorh relations, said President of the Turkish Arab Association for Economic Cooperation and strategic «Tasca» Mohammed fair, that the forum aims to strengthen the partnership between the Turks and the Arabs in the real estate sector investors and bring more openness to the Arab markets and the definition of significance strategy the real estate market and the Turkish real estate projects directed to the Arabs in Istanbul in particular, and Turkey in general, saying that this event is a precursor mission to bring together investors before Tunnels «Stescab» exhibition between the eighth and the tenth of September at the Dubai.

The collection Alatmr elite group of economists and journalists, businessmen and investors Turks and Arabs, and raised in which a group of real estate projects available for partnership between investors of the two parties, notably the big project «Tarla Pasha» historic heart Asitnbol.kma the city announced during the conference on the project to build a «museum of the cultures of the world» in «Tarla Pasha» area to be this space the museum allows each countries the world display their heritage and culture in the heart of Turkey, which is visited by more than 35 million tourists Snuya.ostard conference business and investment opportunities in a variety of Turkish economic sectors, such as infrastructure projects, the financial sector and Islamic banking instruments, agriculture, industry, energy, real estate and tourism.