Minister of Justice: technical and administrative reasons, causing the delay of execution

He stressed that the consent of the Prosecutor and the law on penal provisions hinder the infliction of retribution by offenders
Minister of Justice Dr. Haidar Al-zamily, rumors about a delay in the execution process, adding technical and administrative reasons contribute to blocking first and foremost, (the consent of the Prosecutor and the law on penal provisions). The Minister identified the causes of delay in the executions of several fundamental aspects of the Ministry sought to be achieved through coordination with those responsible for completing the procedures to ratify death sentences, has been on the receiving side (21) Republican Decree the death sentences, mostly for convicted of terrorist offences, qisas will be performed with the right balance of offenders if the approval of my prosecution of the SJC. The Minister said: The code of criminal procedure of 1971 allows for the possibility of a re-trial for many times up to seven times, and stop the implementation of the Presidential Decree execution until a complete retrial normally takes resolve files on death row for a long time to decide.

Referred to as the Cabinet approved a Bill to amend the code of criminal procedure of 1971 which expedite the executions of sentenced court decisions. Justice Minister Dr. Haidar Al-zamily told earlier, the Bill would authorize the Justice Department to carry out the death sentences if not authenticate Presidency on sentences for convicted without having to authenticate the Presidency, adding that such action would be in the absence of presidential decree within 30 days after sending the discriminatory provisions to the Presidency.