Expert: We need to pay mandated projects of its imports

2/9/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb
The adoption of rapid economic reforms in the joints of dollar selling, import and export, such as one of the demands of the Iraqi National Business Council out of the crisis suffered by the country due to the decline of crude oil prices in world markets coupled with declining domestic production.

David Abdul Zayer President of the Council said, we need among other reforms to overcome the effects of the crisis on Iraq in the forefront of the launch of the dollar exchange rate without the support and the liberalization of the purchase according to supply and demand, as well as import arrest and be the central sale through imports and industrial development vacation and is limited to supplies manufacturing, food and essential medicines .ofatt to the need to launch the export of raw materials and raw materials from the mines and the abolition of the Governing Council Decision No. 30 of 2003, as well as promoting the export of all products of industrial materials and filler, stone and all Alanchanah and agricultural materials from feed and jet and all agricultural products are exempted from the tax is noteworthy that the most prominent materials can be exported by the private sector are wool of different kinds and sheepskin semi-manufactured and manufactured, dates and cigarettes of all kinds, cotton and ammonia, fish, and a number of agricultural products and crops and seeds and palm trees Zeinh.kma that the most prominent materials prohibited from export are rice, amber, barley and Arab horses except for females and sand different kinds and Stone two solutions Iraqi and alabaster factory and feed fish and additions fodder for poultry, deer, timber Mahlah.zaar demanded the establishment concerned exaggerating the resources of the state to secure the amount of the operating budget and salaries body and be its decisions are binding on all institutions and their mission is limited to setting a timetable for the purpose of financing the operating budget for each ministry through self-financing rates of not less.

About 75 percent of the government budget and the implementation of these recommendations from Qublha.wachar to the importance of the relay while access to self-finance 100 percent except for the ministries that have no funding sources, and then resolved itself consists of an advisory board and the Department of executive includes a consultant and economist of personalities economy and government and without pay private sector and endorses the decisions Cabinet .ofatt to the importance of a financing sector banks to lend to the private sector (central initiative), also proposed the establishment of industrial cities specialized food security program in the three regions in the center and Alhnob and Baghdad to secure the industrial food (such as sugar, oil and rice, flour zero and legumes) to the country and supported by Ath.oges activate Article 26 of the budget year 2015 in a way the bot to create a bearing projects real economic feasibility recognized by the international banks and aims to implement projects based in repayment on its imports and the project is port is the project operator and to retrieve capital and profits or wages of operating from the same project, according to economic viability, such as power plants, subway, hospital, airport, railway and others.

And the President of the Council should be that the state provide all approvals while ensuring sovereign it enforceable from the date of referral of the project to the service has the right to borrow from international banks under this sponsorship for the purpose of implementation of the project include the ministry of these projects that do not have sources of funding for the purpose of financing its budget.

Zayer proposed development levies through the adoption of e-dinar as a means or a payment system automation as well as systems and software in the collection and the collection of taxes by barcode and organizational funds detailed communications stressed Zayer to pay all contractual obligations of the wages of licenses and setting up a direct-mail program for each movement sale as well to the company's accounting of the contract revenue for the purpose of investing in Iraq, according to the contract and launch a national contribution licenses, and the announcement of the sale of industrial land and housing for each governor for the purpose of the Iraqi currency dinar collection and be one of those examples of good camp, which covers an area of 13 million meters and Oafteradhana price per square meter 500 000 Dnyar be Amount (6.5) trillion, costing the Municipality of Baghdad to sell under design in the public auction, according to the designs and the cost directly to the implementation of the infrastructure for the purpose of revitalization of the labor market of the amounts of sale, as well as the establishment of the contribution of the project port of Faw company after the completion of the designs and the method of execution, similar to the implementation of the project Suez Canal through the sale of the company's shares.