Parliamentary committee refuses to dismiss Medhat al-Mahmoud and confirms that not all the demonstrators demanded the government implemented

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Parliamentary Legal Committee rejected on Tuesday the sacking of Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud, saying he was not all that demonstrators demanded implemented by the government, while the Supreme Judicial Council called on to issue a statement to clarify his steps reform. A member of the Committee Deputy Secretary Baker for "Sky Press," "The Iraqi judiciary should be independent and impartial and that its decisions away from political pressures", adding that "the Supreme Judicial Council is to decide whether or not to sack the head." He added that "not all the demonstrators demanded a certain group or implemented by the government, there are demands can not be met," calling on the Supreme Judicial Council to "issue a statement to clarify the reformist steps to implement that promise." The hundreds of protesters came out on Monday in front of the Supreme Judicial Council in Harithiya area west of Baghdad, to demand the sacking of Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud.