Maliki owned paper put this article out today.......Al-Maliki returns to parliament and escapes trial
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Federal Court ordered the presidency of the Iraqi parliament to cancel membership replacements vice president sacked the parliament and re-seats to their owners Nuri al-Maliki and Iyad Allawi and Osama Najafi addition to Saleh al-Mutlaq. The Iraqi parliamentary sources for «Okaz» that al-Maliki may be thus obtained legal immunity that prevents held accountable for the charges against him on the fall of Mosul after a deal under which he resigned MP Hassan Sinead, to regain his seat in parliament. The sources confirmed that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives will determine the meeting of the Council of the al-Maliki, echoing Section deputy in parliament, pointing out that Allawi and al-Mutlaq Najafi and return to parliament being talked about but there are no procedures in this regard noting that his return is certainly Maliki only.
In addition, a statement of the bloc in parliament, received the call «Okaz» copy of it revealed that the bloc will raise a lawsuit against the Kurdistan Regional Government to sell oil to Israel.
The statement said that the call bloc decided to file a lawsuit to the public prosecutor of the Federal Court because of the recent sale of Government of the Territory of Iraq's oil to Israel and said that we have the documents and evidence of what was done by Government of the Territory of the sale of Iraqi oil to Israel, we will give these documents to the Prosecutor.