The electronic network of the judiciary depends to resolve lawsuits

Directed the judicial authority of the Federal adoption of the electronic network in regards to judicial notices, and pointed out that the procedure provides decisive faster lawsuits and more transparent. The judge said Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar spokesman for the judiciary said in a statement, it said that 'from within what resulted from the recent Supreme Judicial Council session to develop judicial work, given the technology of great importance commensurate with the spirit of the times and keep up with the developed countries '. Bayrakdar He added that' the Council face the adoption of modern methods of judicial notices, including the Report by the electronic network, particularly in cases relating to persons of public and private moral '. According to the official spokesman that' this procedure comes to secure the resolution of cases with ease and transparency '. In another matter, Bayraktar explained that' the Supreme Judicial Council stressed the need for cooperation with the Bar Association and the Union of Jurists and non-governmental organizations in competent areas '. He said' This comes to the development of the judicial process and secure legal guarantees in the defense and protection of human rights'.