Masum US ambassador: government seeks to ensure the success of reforms in accordance with the Constitution and the law

Search President Fuad Masum, in the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Tuesday afternoon with the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones developments in the political and security situation and reforms. According to a presidential statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the President of the Republic pointed out during the meeting to relations with the United States and the need to Tedeidha to serve the peoples of the two countries interest, stressing the importance of continued support by the United States provided military and humanitarian fields and other areas."
and between infallible according to the statement, "the government's efforts to ensure the success of reforms in accordance with the principles of the Constitution and on a legal basis, being poured into building a modern civil state, dominated by justice and preserve the dignity of man."
For his part, "confirmed the US Ambassador to the United States commitment to support Iraq in its war against terrorism, from During the military support and humanitarian assistance to the displaced.
"He also praised the US ambassador" to the reform steps taken by the Iraqi government, stressing the importance of the role of President infallible in the success of this process, as well as the efforts by the on the road to national reconciliation and to unite all the Iraqi factions ".anthy