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6 trillion dinars and then what?

Anticipation warned by the beneficiaries of the massive amounts launched by the Iraqi Central Bank to support the allocative banks for small and medium-sized enterprises a contribution to the revitalization of production and service projects and $ 5 trillion dinars industrial banks, agricultural, housing and trillion dinars for private banks to finance small and medium enterprises.

In contrast, the Anzaralamtrbesan Open to acquire these funds without the benefit flowing into the goal, so the Central Bank of the delay in the implementation of measures to while placing controls Court and the conditions to take advantage of these amounts, the committees working day and night to propose mechanisms lending and implementation requirements and guarantees of directing loans towards activating the productive sectors.

Legitimate fears whales corruption takeover and warnings strict fired by economists to reduce tampering with the opportunity developmental historical may be the last cross this is capable of resolving the economic recession of funding due to the decline in oil prices.

The launch of loans means to proceed with the investigation is able to diversify its sources of income and absorb unemployment by providing opportunities for development great work, provided that improves the provisions on lending and in accordance with the requirements of the stage. We strongly believe that these amounts if employed properly, it will work in resolving the national economy, we need to be aware that the mechanics of lending alone is insufficient unless accompanied by a control device follow closely the loan trends Is Todv in the fields to the economic viability of lending realized.

Perhaps most importantly, provide Information about the projects that can take raw in lending this regard to industrial ones, which of the requirements to provide necessary to Adama production momentum and its ability to compete with imported goods, raw materials, and primitive of the food industry projects as contributing to the revitalization of industry and agriculture in that one.

Eight need require study the effect of housing loans which funded by the Housing Fund and bank real estate and achievements of the aim of adopting the best way in lending that if any such information is otherwise .. Read on loans peace without achieving any goal nipped small and medium enterprises, we have talk later about it. F59578