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Ask categories [50] and [100] thousand dinars currency cash end of the year

Member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Ahmad Kanani, on Tuesday, the central bank for the issuance of new currencies in both categories [50] thousand and [100] thousand Iraqi dinars end of this year.

Said Kanani told all of Iraq [where] that "the Iraqi Central Bank, in connection with the issuance of currency in both categories [50] thousand dinars and [100] dinars, printed". Noting that "put this category to the market will be the end of this year."

Kanani said that "the class [100] thousand dinars printed, will be under the experience of the [50] thousand dinars," pointing out that "the new monetary category will have its work later this year."

It is said that the CBI is now dealing with a class [25] thousand Iraqi dinars at a time when the country is experiencing a financial crisis due to low oil prices, and warns some specialists that the issue of Iraqi currency more than the limit will lead to the low level of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar and other currencies .anthy