Rubaie: Abadi reforms is not easy because of the accumulation of 10 years of rule by a corruption-Maliki!

Date: Tuesday 01/09/2015 11:30

Saw political expert, Muhannad al-Rubaie, that "the reform project became a target for Ebadi can not be undone no matter what."
He said that "reforms are not as easily perceived by citizens and demanding to apply today or tomorrow, but a campaign fraught with serious risks, especially as it resulted from accumulations More than 10 years ago the country was self-Abadi ruled by "referring to Nouri al-Maliki.

And that" these files intended Abadi opened, one of the largest corrupt and most dangerous of the files in the country, "adding that" those who made ​​it are linked to the leaders of parties and militias to them fork and a large influence in the previous governments.

"al-Rubaie added that" these files are for those in charge in the question of death or life, but opened topples political about their future once and for all, and eliminating the exploitation of power to the implementation of projects.

"He pointed out that they" will not remain silent on it, and work their best to prevent open these files by any means, even if they have to move their militias in the Iraqi street, to create chaos, which portends a great danger to the reform project and the future of the government.

"He pointed out that" al-Abadi for his part, has become a position it can not hesitate or retreat, and it will deal firmly with those files at all costs it, because he can not apply the reforms and the elimination of corrupt only by eliminating their heads in the government. "

He stressed "the importance of the Abadi gets broad support from the Iraqi street, to prove its stance in the fight against corruption."