Barzani, the Kurdish parties and the meeting ends with agreement on seven points

Twilight News / announced Presidency of the Kurdistan Region, on Tuesday, that the meeting of regional president Massoud Barzani, with heads and representatives of a number of parties and the Kurdish parties certainly ended on a number of issues that will pass the political and economic crisis in the region.

In a statement to the presidency of the province responded to Twilight News, that Barzani met on Tuesday, the heads and representatives of a number of parties and political parties in Kurdistan in order to exchange views on the political situation in the region.

The statement said the search risks and threats faced by the province of Kurdistan and the internal political crisis and the issue of the presidency of the region and the reasons for the emergence and deepening of the crisis and find ways to pass this stage.

He added that the meeting stressed that taking into consideration the threats and opportunities now and in the future in the province of Kurdistan and the necessity of creating a national and appropriate solution to it, pointing out that all the parties and the parties political assume at this stage a historic responsibility and must adopt the principle of consensus and protect the higher interests of the people and the homeland and the people's demands and stay away from the same challenge and break the bone and other sabotage the stability of the citizens of Kurdistan, and work to resolve the problems and convergence and it should not try to marginalize the ingredients political parties in this area.

He added that all parties and parties and citizens are free to express their opinion on the fundamental problems in the region and do not let people again Ptkhuyn components thoroughbreds in the Kurdistan society because of their political positions or work on domesticated and marginalization and to reduce their rights.

He said that in order that the Kurdistan Parliament can perform its role well in resolving the crucial issues and decisions are issued under the dome of parliament, the political parties to nominate senior cadres and decision-makers in future sessions of the Parliament.

The statement stressed that the continuation of this crisis and work to create a vacuum and disable compatibility, meetings and media war tensions and cause loss of the status of the Kurdistan Region and run counter to the best interests of the province.

He pointed out that meeting the price Championships Alپeshmrگh forces and the steadfastness of the people of Kurdistan, indicating that the duty of the intensification of efforts to pass the economic crisis and to improve the living conditions of the people and provide better services to the people.