Split the ranks of the New Aldoaash in Mosul

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - A group called "Ansar al-Mosul humpback" Daash the partition of the terrorist gangs, in a move that shows the extent of disintegration suffered by these gangs in the city of Mosul.

He said local council member of the Tunis neighborhood Hamid Abdul Sattar al-Jubouri's (IMN) said that "supporters of Mosul, which oversees the eastern border of the city, which the majority of members of the Saddam Fedayeen, officially announced the partition of Daash terrorist gangs".

He added that "the terrorist Daash gangs is facing a big challenge these days, especially with the presence of movements began not only dissent, including, but turn into armed confrontations, including supporters of Mosul humpback, which announced through leaflets distributed it would target Daash wherever found in the city of Mosul."

And splintered earlier, three factions of terrorist gangs Daash in the city of Mosul on the back of popular rejection of the presence of these gangs in the city, which is the host of Islam and proud of Mosul and Al-Aqsa.