Shell expects to employ approximately 1200 citizen in unexplored oil fields

Baghdad scales News - I expected Dutch Shell oil company invested in the Majnoon field in southern city of Basra, Tuesday, employ nearly 1200 optical citizen in the fields explored soon, indicating that its staff from Iraq number exceeded two thousand and 500 employees.

The company said it "took a very great interest in the progress of the support of the communities located within the oil fields invested in the vicinity," pointing to "it after interest in developing its staff at all the technological means relating to oil and gas they are seeking in order to provide job opportunities successful."

It said that "it is expected that the maximum staff in unexplored fields ranging soon between 1.000- 1.200 employees and can link them to the functions relevant to the project in the peak period," indicating that "the Majnoon field, the project was able to employ more than the approximate number and a longer period where many of change local employment strategies to suit the country, and the most important of which was the promotion of sub-contractors to hire residents of the nearby areas of the field when the availability of the required skills they have. "

And local jobs provided by Shell in the province of Basra showed "it was hiring more than 2,850 Iraqi employees Majority any limits 90% of them are from the province of Basra in particular," pointing to "the adoption of local contractors in the implementation of the work assigned to the company."

And stated that "since 2011 there exist approximately 52 operational Iraqi company and construction, and this can be increased light of the ongoing explorations figure", stressing that "with this number of local construction companies have been hiring more than 2,500 different jobs for the inhabitants of the areas surrounding the field with the minimum wage and that up to 750 000 Iraqi dinars a month, ".anthy 29 / d 25