New York Times: reforms Abadi .. many promises and slow implementation

Follow-up scales News - The New York Times said Tuesday that the demonstrations that came out in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, contributed to move the stagnant water in Iraq, has hastened the prime minister Haider al-Abadi to many reforms and promises pack version but implementation remains slow.

The paper points out that "the demonstrations that began with calls her secular activists, several weeks ago and were calling for improved electricity amid a significant rise in temperatures, raised the ceiling of its demands little by little, he began calling for reform of the judiciary and the prosecution of those responsible for the corruption and the removal of religion from politics."

She said the other hand, the prime minister Haider al-Abadi package of reforms, where "abolished the posts of Vice President and Deputy Prime Ministers, and also feminine and his ministry in addition to other procedures, except that it all does not seem convincing to the demonstrators, who now feel that there is no real change."

The paper quotes an Iraqi parliamentarian close to Abadi, as saying that "many of the demands and the question will be able to implement them, and adds:" If al-Abadi was able to eliminate the sectarian and ethnic quotas and partisan politics, he will become a national hero."

The report focuses "on pessimism organizers of the demonstrations in Iraq of a real change in the nature of governance, although it is the first time that allowed the Iraqis to express their anger and indignation of the ruling political class in the country since 2003," .anthy 29 / d 25