Directorate of Nationality: coming days will witness the launch of the single card work

Direction Press / Agencies - Director of the General Department Major General Mehdi sexual Waeli revealed that the next few days will witness the announcement of the launch of the single card to work with and explained that the initiation of the work will be based on the willingness of registration services in various areas between all existing archives that will be withdrawn from the citizen.

He Waeli in an interview to start work will be based on the willingness of constituencies and not based on the importance of the region calling on citizens not to wonder about the reason for providing some areas on the other the most important and explaining that all the current archives, a nationality and citizenship certificate and card housing withdraw from citizens in order not to remain stick to carry on the one hand and in order to justify the employee to request of the citizen does not remain after that.

Waeli that continued the process of completing the card does not take more than 15 minutes where Satvh special website which form filled by citizens and will then be invited according to the Civil Status and distribution areas, departments and allocate certain days each region with citizens will attend to circles case that in order to exist taking the eye and vivid imprint image in order to consolidated the card delivers the same day.

Seal and General Manager of nationality that a number of departments Civil Status in Basra are ready and will work on a unified card after its launch officially.