Integrity: monopolizing the Central Bank auction of foreign currency to escape the regional States
By: wab1
Date: Tuesday, 01-09-2015 01:54 am

The integrity Commission revealed that a group of monopolists for Bank auction

Central to sell foreign currency to regional States, pointed out that the uncooperative ministries. "
The integrity Commission, said mp Adel Noori/JD/Agency: that there are billions of manipulated by a group of agents of the Central Bank auction monopoly to sell foreign currencies they smuggled in favour of regional States. "
He added: that ministries not cooperating with the Commission on integrity, adding: when we address a letter to a Minister or to Cabinet does not answer after six months or more if the answer did not satisfy the purpose because there is distortion ".
Nouri noted that the Executive institution of the regulatory institution, emphasizing marginalized urala Vice within the integrity Commission moves alone, within the Commission, representing all the components don't even have any bias toward any party. "