The port of Faw refineries with funding from the Iraqi people
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Date: Tuesday, 01-09-2015 03:17 am

Baghdad: Othello Djeffal
Political body called the National Alliance should focus attention on fronts

Jihad and supporting reforms, with the Prime Minister reviewed the Haidar Abadi actions to increase the sources of investment.
The statement said the Office of the President of the National Alliance of Ibrahim Al-Jaafari Baghdad received news that "the political body of the National Alliance held a meeting in the presence of all components and Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, stating that he" discussed the latest developments on the security and political situation and ways to support the March correction and activation.
The statement added that "the meeting called on the need to focus attention on the fronts of Jihad and confrontation and to support the military and security forces and on logistical aspects and moral intelligence to enhance military victories and the popular crowd and tribesmen and the peshmerga to achieve the ultimate goals of eliminating gangs daash and clearing all the land Iraq from her dirt."
The statement added that "the political body stressed the importance of supporting serious reform and provision of services and the fight against corruption and SAG on legal contexts and based on clear mechanisms are supported by national forces."
On the procedural steps for diversifying funding sources, Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, a number of measures to support the financial situation and increase investment and stimulate the economy, employment and labour ".
Abbadi stressed at the conclusion of his report on "the importance of completing the National Alliance strategy its overall national next stage through concerted efforts and work to solve all problems and challenges on the political, security and economic".
A source close to the Prime Minister said in an interview for "Baghdad" news "Abadi put on the sidelines of the meeting with influential figures in the National Alliance the issue of economic relations with Iran and Kuwait, urging them to raise their hand for the investments of the two countries in Iraq, easing a relationship with them."
Added the source, who requested anonymity, said Al-Abbadi discusses with economic advisers inside and outside the Council of Ministers the idea of massive investments and funding inside Iraq. "
The source noted that "the Prime Minister will present projects for oil refining and utilization of gas being flared by investment firms establish joint sector".
The source stressed that "the great Faw port will be created through the Iraqi finance, financing of the project away from the corporate world, to remain purely an Iraqi project, drawing the idea of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and built the Suez Canal.
The source said that "influential figures within and outside the National Alliance constitutes a major obstacle to these projects for their links with Kuwait and Iran", pointing out that "Al-Abbadi has the warning not to stand for the future of Iraq."
He said National Alliance leader relationship in an interview for "Baghdad" that "the discussions and presentations made at the meeting were General and did not affect the specific theme".
He added that "it is unlikely that Abbadi such step, as long as it flows into Iraq and Iraqi interests and enhance their living well", adding that "If these plans stand the entire national coalition supportive and supportive."