Nineveh Council will hold a workshop for government reforms

BAGHDAD / expert Center for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Nineveh provincial council held in alternate site for the Council in terms of Alqosh (45 north of Mosul) and a workshop for fifty representatives of civil society organizations on ways to ensure the success of government reforms put forward by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

And waits for the people of Nineveh province, edit usurped the districts and sub-districts of the terrorist gangs ravaged Daash in June of last year, even government ministries begin reconstruction and reform government institutions and departments where the official service.

The head of the Council for Bashar Alkika (IMN) that "the government is dealing with what is going on with the utmost transparency and harmony with the demands of the masses, especially after the interest of the Iraqi people sensed the prime minister demands regardless of the ceiling of demands."

Participants in the workshop stressed that "the wonderful pictures that emerged from the demonstrations is not to give the government back to the demonstrators, accepting all the criticisms, usually cleansing being carried out by the stage the people through his reading of the administrative and service of reality."

Alkika added that "Mosul was her voice, despite the atmosphere that hovers around and control terrorist gangs, kill everything beautiful in Nineveh humpback".

He explained that "the workshop has sent a message that Mosul watching what is going on from the reforms as the next bright hope for our tomorrow, hope and liberation of the city of Conception Daash terrorist gangs".

He was prime minister Haider al-Abadi earlier, paper reforms that included a large part of the demands of the demonstrators to conduct administrative and financial reforms and the fight against the corrupt.