The fact that "Nuri al-Maliki" to escape Iran
Date: 08/31/2015

Palm-traded some Iraqi sites, news of the escape, "Nuri al-Maliki," Iraqi Vice President and former Prime Minister to the State of Iran, after the Iraqi prime minister, "Haider al-Abadi" The decision to cancel the posts of Vice-President of the Republic.

According to some tendentious and non-solid as well as some Facebook pages and Twitter sites Bar unfounded escape "Nuri al-Maliki," Iraqi Vice President and former Prime Minister to the State of Iran.

The Iraqi prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi decided to cancel the posts of Vice-President and Prime Minister.

Iraqi Prime Minister also issued directives to open past and current files of corruption, under the supervision of a higher committee working principle of "Where did you get this", while calling the judiciary to adopt a number of well-known judges of integrity to investigate and prosecute corrupt.

On the other hand, Abadi gave directives to abolish the special allocations for all presidencies, bodies and institutions of the state, in addition to the commissioning of the professional committee to choose candidates in the light of competence and integrity standards.

The Iraqi prime minister issued his orders to reduce the comprehensive and immediate protections numbers all officials including the three presidencies and the House of Representatives and special grades.

Abadi was promised to the Iraqi people in a statement the government to correct course of action and make decisions to improve the financial and political level, after Iraq saw demonstrations against corruption.