Deputy for power: There are differing views about the National Guard Law
10:57 GMT
Baghdad-and babysit - A member coalition forces MP Abdel Azim Ajman, that there are different views about the National Guard Law.
Ajman He added, in a statement to "public opinion", that "everyone agreed that the National Guard Law made as districts, counties and by demographic balance", Ajman and pointed out that "the National Alliance insists that the National Guard is linked to the prime minister does not want to enter into ratio of the population and be popular crowd of its components, while coalition forces wish to enter the Guard in the ratio of the population. "

Ajman, said, "There is interference by the international coalition, which calls for enactment of this law, saying that the National Guard official institution recognized by the House of Representatives and through the liberation of Iraq with the help of the international coalition," PSC