Babylon Investment complaining about the absence of the role of the banking sector and stresses: We are facing problems in housing projects

Complained investment Babil province body, on Sunday, the absence of the role of the banking pieces in supporting and financing investment projects in the province, and called for the development of laws and banking systems fit and the spirit of investment and being able to progress, while confirming the existence of problems in the housing projects because of the failure to sign the final contracts with the investors, the provincial council demanded that the owners set the experience and competence in the Commission to provide the best service to the province. The head of the Investment Commission of Babylon victory Hammoud said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "the province of Babylon, one of the attractive investment provinces because of its geographical position and historical significance and the available potential and expertise as well as resources available in the agricultural, industrial and tourism aspects," noting that "the Commission granted 82 investment license since it was founded in 2008 and so far in several sectors of different economic, including housing, industry, agriculture and the cities of games and malls and medical buildings.
"He added Hammoud, that" many of the problems accompanied the housing projects because of the signing of final contracts with private investors, those belonging to the Ministry of Finance Although the body and placed these projects among the priorities of its work, "adding that" Kawthar housing complex is one of those projects where the percentage of achievement in which 27% were withdrawn work from the company implemented ".
He stressed Hammoud, that" the absence of the role of the banking sector for investment greatly affected being a support in project financing factor ", calling for" the development of banking laws and regulations to fit in with the spirit of investment and enable him to progress.
"He called Hamoud, the provincial council to" seek to complete the Board of Investment Authority management by appointing an experienced and efficient personalities can provide best to maintain service, "asserting that" the Commission is working actively to declare Babylon resort as an investment opportunity and to approve the investment license for the establishment of 85 houses for the Integrity Commission and the areas of construction and food industries in terms of rump. "