Parliamentary Integrity: Mankron to auction the central bank flee to foreign countries, a regional currency

BAGHDAD / JD / .. revealed the Integrity Commission for a group of monopolists to auction the central bank to sell foreign currency smuggled to the regional countries, while suggesting that the ministries uncooperative. A member of the Integrity Committee MP Adel Nouri told / JD /: that there are billions of dollars being manipulated where by a group of agents monopolists to auction the central bank to sell foreign currency are smuggled in favor of the regional countries. He added that the ministries not cooperating with the Integrity Committee, he explained: When we direct an official letter to the Minister or to the prime minister does not come the answer to after six months or more and if the answer is inadequate because there is a twist. came and praised Nuri said the executive institution marginalized regulatory institution, stressing does not have a deputy inside the Integrity Committee is moving on its own, but within a committee representing all the ingredients until there is no bias of any of the parties. The Commission Parliamentary Finance, it has revealed that nearly about $ 312 billion out of Iraq by the central bank's daily auction for the sale of hard currency, noting that there are suspicions that mostly went to money laundering. A government source had said in an earlier statement to the Agency / JD / that 90% of dollar sales by the Central Bank of Iraq is of remittances and only 10% cash sales. / End / Sarah Aljcami /