Araji calls attention to the law of the National Guard in line with the security challenges

He stressed the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary member Qassim al-Araji, on Monday, the need for the formulation of the National Guard and national law in a manner away from the sectarian gains while calling attention to the law in line with the security challenges facing the country. He said in a statement received / scales News / copy of it that "it is necessary to formulate the National Guard law and national manner that is in the interest of security and stability of Iraq away from sectarian and factional gains," stressing "the need for attention by law the National Guard a way that fits with the security challenges facing the country and that the federal and the local armies to Aathol may be the cause of sectarian strife. " He said, "This law will help to support and assist the security services and the maintenance of the ground after the complete liberation of Daash terrorist gangs," pointing to "the importance of expediting the approval of the law and not to delay it more than that." The Parliament is scheduled to vote during its regular Sunday, the National Guard law but decided to postpone the vote until next week.