Executive committee competent to check and count State Real Estate: Stvk economic blockade!

Said the legal committee of parliamentary member Hassan Turan, Sunday, that the file properties State will be subject to scrutiny and count by a committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Integrity Commission and the Ministry of Justice, noting that these properties will be re-priced or retrieved as a financial resource to lift the economic blockade experienced by Iraq. Tauran said L / scales News / "The Real Estate State file a" complex "so there is statistical and an audit by a special committee formed by the government and the Integrity Commission and the Justice Department to detect these properties and their officials to seize them and what is the price at the moment." He said the legal committee of parliamentary member, said, "After the screening process and audit will be re-priced and meet the extra money from beneficiaries and by price currently located yet evaluated or are retrieved to the state", stressing that "as a financial resource for large will contribute to unzip the economic embargo imposed on the government and experienced by Iraq."

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi face to "the formation of a competent legal committees to review the sale and rental of real estate ownership and the state in Baghdad and the provinces in the previous phase of any party." The member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Hashim al-Musawi revealed to / scales News / for "direct his committee collects Protozoa own on Real Estate State to address its problem and dismantling of" ambiguity "symbols and" corruption "that marred" .

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