Iraq's economic landscape and the role of the media

1/9/2015 0:00

Majid Jawad Amir
Years of deprivation and ambitions deferred toppled Iraqi citizen in light of the negligence of a government institution used to manipulate the feelings of the citizen and making fun of him so Mauld pressure turnout is unprecedented to leave a clear imprint on the civil movement.

We have already pointed to many officials that the state of neglect that will reflect the effects negative effects on the behavior of the citizen has the reaction be deferred in a while.

We have to fully recognize that the print media and television has exercised negligence clear to inform the economic form in which it did not provide a clear opportunity for citizens to recognize the rights inherent in the upper economic activities of the country.
strange thing is that Iraq rich oil resources and suffers from a paradoxical situation is the concept boils down to the existence of poverty rates are high and economic growth is weak, where the segments of those in the worst-hit the poverty line and suffering, as it is assumed that oil revenues contribute to reducing the poverty rate, but due to poor management and lack of transparency in the case of rampant corruption that toppled dialectical equation between wealth and human development. According to this concept, we must point out three tools defined by the Council of the universal realization of sustainable development (economic growth, social progress, environmental protection) here highlights the role of stakeholders, a citizen representative institutions, media and civil society organizations for the definition of their rights to social benefits on the agenda of major economic institutions .

From here and through the media Economic Forum, launched by the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform, I call on the media in various jurisdictions to do their pages and economic programs and subscribe to the program seriously through seminars economic and workshops in all sectors, especially in the current circumstance, which seems that the conflict or mass mobility Questions more political than economic nature, where the call for a large number of media organizations, trade unions and professional associations.