Very important and accurate facts about his limbs sabotage the Iraqi economy, the central bank, banks, companies and civil fake

What the income from Iraq's oil revenues between 2008 to 2014 is (551 billion dollars and 800 million dollars). And that the total import of the Iraqi government in that period by the Bank of TBI totaled $ 115 billion.
Question: - Where the money went from $ 551 billion and $ 800 million?!
Answer: - The Central Bank of Iraq to sell an amount of $ 312 billion over six years to private banks for the purpose of import, and this means that the import of the private sector in Iraq three times the import of Iraqi government !!! Aiakl this !!! So there is manipulation !!!
found that there are gangs in control of the banks and the corruption extends her arms to the heart of the Central Bank of Iraq and the judiciary.
Bring these gangs influential companies to banks in order to buy the dollar (such as agility Zhou company, Palm Inc. thoroughbreds, Stones Citadel, rose and violet company when writing an official letter to the Registrar of Companies turned out to be fake companies that are not registered).
After getting revealed a bank account through its correspondents in Jordan (Amman), where the bank is based, for example, it bought $ 15 million of the company rose violet, and the Bank notify the correspondent bank to receive this amount and it is registered in the name of belonging to the owner of the bank foreign exchange company.