Deputy: tax and customs Mordan alternative to oil

News Source: Ali Abd al-Salman

August 31, 2015 9:02

He said the parliamentary finance committee member Massoud Rostam, if taxes and customs Mordan two alternatives for the provision of financial revenue after a drop in oil prices.

He warned the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed earlier, of "economic difficulties the government may face in the event of continued decline in global oil prices," noting "The Commission is working in coordination with the government to find solutions to the provision of staff salaries solutions during 2016".

He added Rustam, that "the government go about finding a real financial revenues alternative oil resources in the context of low global oil prices are too large and its impact negatively on the budget of the country," stressing "The activation of these resources is the responsibility of the federal government."

He continued that "the main sources and important alternative to strengthen the financial budget of the state is to activate the taxes and customs and bring revenue to the state treasury," adding that "the parliamentary finance government will support the trend towards maximizing the country's financial and combating corrupt resources and thus interest belonging to the Iraqi people as a whole.

"Finance Committee Alnielyh confirmed, it has a package of laws exceeded ten to support monetary policy, is preparing to be passed soon to the parliament.

The Iraq suffers from a financial crisis and the weakness in monetary policy that caused squandering of public money, and therefore, the government and parliament attempts serious about reform and promoting a framework law the work of the country's economy.