In: fix return of Maliki and Allawi iraqiyah discussions. Iraqi Parliament?
Date: Monday, 31-08-15 03:42 pm

Liberal parliamentary block, accused today, Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri "procrastination in signing resignation of Hassan Al-Sunaid prelude to return Nouri al-Maliki to Parliament and get legal immunity, banner, to" do not display the necessary Federal Court decision of the Presidium of the Sejm cancel membership replacement Deputy President the articles raised questions and doubts ".
The Presidency of the Council of Deputies attributed the reasons for the delay in presentation of appeals, received by the Court, within the legally incompleteness meetings.
He says the Liberal bloc mp Riad Gali, "protestors have filed objections to the plundering of their seats by some parties to the Federal Court dealt with the validity of their appeals and sent to the Presidency of the Chamber of deputies since a long time."
Boutros-Ghali said that "Parliament did not introduce these names to get their seats, talking about" the presence in the procrastination do not display the names of some deputies who divested to other candidates. "
He stressed that "the Constitution and the law allows Parliament Presidents and Prime Ministers who were dismissed, as well as the Prime Minister, who threw their ministries and merged together, return to Parliament if the survival of their seats vacant or resignation with their buckets."
Attorney Riad reveals Ghali arrangements within the House of representatives to back the Vice President Nouri al-Maliki to fill the parliamentary seat in addition to other characters to get legal immunity ".
And draw the chest to "deputy immunity within the House is difficult, which would hinder the introduction of any Deputy to abolish in order to answer the charges against him, calling the speaker of the House of representatives to" view the decision of the Federal Court immediately and not wait too long. "
The Attorney noted Riad Ghali "speaker of the House had signed the resignation of Hassan Al-Sunaid, despite the decision of the Federal Court required the deportation of Sinead and granting the seat to someone else." and asserts that "the procrastination of the speaker and not signing the resignation of Hassan Al-Sunaid is rebooted to return Nouri al-Maliki to Parliament for legal immunity that would prevent apostasy charges against him concerning the fall of Mosul".
Rib Attorney noted "there are six deputies of the Federal Court decided the invalidity membership including Hassan Al-Sunaid, semeni, Kamil al-zaidi, Hossein sharifi", wondering "why delay the Presidency of the House of representatives introduced them formally into the House so that after authentication by the Federal Court as new Congress."
In contrast, the Presidency reaffirms the House belatedly introduced Federal Court decisions back to the non-arrival of the package to the House.
Emad yokhna, explains the decision of the House of representatives, the House is committed to the application of Federal Court decisions that are conclusive and will be put soon into a formal Parliament session to acquire these names their seats by virtue of the Constitution and the law. "
Yokhna said that "there are political figures benefited from the presence of these objections, which kept their seats vacant, allowing them to return again to the House of representatives as Vice-President article Nouri al-Maliki.
He decision of deputies that "Maliki's seat filled Hassan Al-Sunaid, who presented a member of State of law challenged the validity of membership in Federal Court", stating that "incomplete legal procedures for candidate interceptor would give Al-Maliki the chance to return to Parliament by providing Sinead resigned."
Mp Imad yokhna follows that "the Presidency of the Council of representatives will determine the specific session Al-Maliki chant section as a Deputy in Parliament, pointing out that" the return of Al-Maliki and Allawi iraqiyah being talked about but there is no action in this regard ", noting that" the exact returning is al-Maliki only.
This, Allawi and Maliki iraqiyah resigned to the Presidency of Parliament when deputies when nominated as Vice-Presidents of the Republic and how the Deputy resigned from Parliament to Parliament in particular that Parliament decided to transmit the recommendations of the Committee fall to prosecution which accused Maliki in addition to being involved in many corruption files in Iraq from ruin because his political sectarianism and other topics imposed on Parliament not to back Allawi and Maliki iraqiyah discussions "to Parliament for that other than for repairs and the rules of procedure of Parliament.