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UNHCR is discussing with the installation of the parliamentary financial staff the registration centers

Khandan - The Independent Electoral Commission examined, with the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives subject to install staff the registration centers. The commission said in a statement posted on its website, the organic Board of Commissioners Mekdad Sharifi and Mohsen al-Moussawi, met a number of members of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, who are deputy Haitham al-Jubouri and MP Majda al-Tamimi, the Finance Committee headquarters in the House of Representatives. The

statement said, "The meeting discussed the subject of installation of staff Date and mechanisms centers that can be searched for the purpose of access to the main objective of which is to install those important segment that contributed to the work with the Commission during the elections the past and settle the matter as soon as possible. "The statement added that" it was agreed to hold another meeting next week and invite the Director General of the Budget Department in the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of continuing the discussion and access to the results contribute to take future actions of interest to the staff of the registration centers of non-tenured. "