The opening of two major streets in Baghdad

Twilight News / Baghdad Municipality announced on Monday it had opened in coordination with the Baghdad Operations Command, two major streets in the capital in order to decrypt traffic jams.

The Secretariat said in a statement to Twilight News reported that Amina anniversary Alloush Baghdad and the commander of the Baghdad Operations Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir al-Shammari opened the two main streets in the capital Baghdad, the first within the Rashid District Municipality and the other in the municipality of Karrada boycotted.

She said the first street, which opened the officers is a street in Saidiya from the intersection adjacent to the Aldyryc and the other closed part of the street (42) near the district of Karrada property disputes body.

She explained that the opening of this street is part of the directives of the Prime Minister in paper reforms in order to raise the burden on the people of the city of Baghdad and to secure the smooth flow of traffic and traffic and decrypt traffic jams.

She noted that the last streets to be opened in the municipality of Karrada boycotted including sub-alleys of the road extending from the yard Bin Nafie Square to conquest and alleys within the stores (901 and 903 and 905).

The Abadi had ordered two days ago to facilitate the entry of citizens to the Green Zone, the heavily fortified, central Baghdad, which includes government buildings and foreign embassies.

Abadi also ordered the reopening of closed streets for many years, Bechtel concrete because of the ongoing security tensions and attacks by militants.