Hamoudi: the presidency of the Parliament with any legal interrogation

Brother - Baghdad - First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hamoudi: "The Presidency of the parliament with any legal interrogation, and to prove it corruption cases against him shall take the appropriate decision, whether Balacalh or referral to spend that it questioned that."

He called Hamoudi in a press release today, all politicians to move away from the approach to question the constitutional institutions of the state, and letters of miscarriage without the political right, which does not serve the reform process, but dragging the country into the maze will not benefit only Almitrbeson bad for Iraq and its people ..

"The battle face Daash is still in full swing and you need to cohesion and save the power of the state," noting that "the country is in a critical stage and needs us to unite and awareness of malignant schemes that are trying to determine how the constitutional institutions and weaken and destabilize the state-building and called into question the integrity of everyone and not to differentiate those who serve the people and other ".

Hamoudi stressed the "importance of adhering to the recommendations of the upper reference the reform process to be supportive of the battle against Daash presence, as well as an accurate diagnosis and firmness in the face of threats and the corrupt."

The parliament was questioned yesterday and Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi against the backdrop of deteriorating winning electric power system, and decided to renew the confidence in him after his conviction Pajupth to the questions directed at him.