Industry and Minerals proceed with running the car production line "Kia carried"

Baghdad scales News - The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Sunday, it will start operation of the pilot production line cars, "Kia download" in the middle of next month in September.

The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, that "the production line for Kia vehicles (pregnancy), direct start operated by the middle of next month in September designed capacity of up to 32 vehicles per day, different tonnage."

He Darraji, that "pregnancy cars will be within accredited to the Kia Technical specifications of different types 2500 - 2700 - 3000 tonnage of 2 tons," adding that "the proportions of the assembly of cars," Kia carry "up to 60%."

He Darraji "The total cost of the erection of the line with the equipment and complementary business amounted to five billion dinars has been implemented Resume efforts by specialized lab personnel," explaining that "this plant will be a new starting point for the automotive market in Iraq Center has been established in order to help achieve the aspirations of the market that there is a presence of Iraqi industry in the automotive market. "

He said al-Darraji, the need that "the company is keen on cooperation with auto staid industry companies in the world, which have the clout and reputation in the automotive markets," stressing the importance of "industry is one of the pillars of the economic strength of the country, and especially that Iraq possesses natural resources qualify for entry in many from cutting-edge industries, which it must be properly exploited ".anthy 29 / d 25