Alusi reveals: political blocs have openly supported the reforms and hampered in secret!

Dated: Sunday 08/30/2015 16:07

MPs and politicians say that the support declared by the political blocs to project the government's reform "virtual", because it is affected by most of the procedures, while surprised spokesman Abadi provide conservatives their resignations to the prime minister who does not have to accept or reject, and not to the local councils that voted for them.

The question being debated widely in the political East on speed and feasibility of the reform project, amid frequent announcements from most of the blocks to support him.

He says Mithal al-Alusi, a deputy from the Civil Alliance, said that the support of the political blocs to reform "virtual", which bore the opposite of what declares.

He adds Alusi, said that the support of the political blocs reforms Abadi "dubious," saying that "public standing next to him was due to the critical situation which developed the reference and the street, advocates of reform."

The surprised Alusi, "How immersed corruption that calls to fight corruption and reform political blocks!".

He said al-Alusi, said "Abadi and the government are locked in the most serious battle in the political life", and called for "give sufficient time to Ebadi, the fact that reform needs to deeper things," pointing to the need for "the adoption of the Prime Minister on his supporters and his supporters from citizens and civil society organizations and the owners of competencies in universities."

In the opinion Alusi , that "the support of reference and mandate for the three presidencies is to support another Ebadi and the political process," and expressed concern about the "lack of activation of the judiciary by al-Abadi."

He called Alusi president of the republic "not to cover up his deputies and the need to bring accused them of treason and the theft of public money to eliminate , otherwise will be fingered him.

"He Alusi, expressed concern" of the fight against corrupt Ebadi, "noting that" All corrupt officials will be their fate prisons, what drives them to avoid that means possible, including the pressure on the Prime Minister.

"The supreme religious authority, called on the government Parliament and the judiciary to achieve reforms to make decisions "bold and convincing" to the Iraqi people the details.

The representative of the reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai in last sermon, "The supreme religious authority confirmed in the past that its approach is the statement of the general lines of the process of reform and the details of the necessary so steps They are in the custody of the conscious of the three officials in the legislative, executive and judicial powers, which hopes to reconcile to carry out and to take bold decisions be convincing the Iraqi people, which is the source of all powers. "