BRICS" ... In fact, the alleged principles

August 30, 2015

In a scientific meeting on the course of events in the Arab region, was a few days ago in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, I had the opportunity to listen to the intervention of one of the most important former secretaries of state in South America, Brazil's Celso Amorim, who held office between 2003 and 2010. And its importance comes from that accompanied the rapid and confident ascent foreign policy of Brazil, and its effects in the region, as in the world, and in light of President Lula da Silva, and parallel to the structural change in the Brazilian economy and the entry of this great country in the powerful Club "relatively".

During these years, which was full of victories, economically, politically and socially, Brazil amended its assessment of the criteria that were attached to her name, and was dominated by the concepts of poverty and unemployment, and community violence. And was able to, also, that the expansion of its diplomatic clout and "moral" to the outside of the South American region, and to become a hard number, not in the global trade negotiations, but also in international relations in the political and military also its dimensions.

As the world has seen, during this rapid Brazilian boarding, starting group "BRIC" in 2006, which brought together Brazil, Russia, China and India, before acceding to South Africa in 2010, renamed it "BRICS". And based on Member States in this group, in theory, to try to break the US single-pole, which have caused landslides Series Soviet world and in orbit. The attempt to create a strong global economic grouping outside the traditional frameworks dominant international groups. As any initiative to get out of the system prevailing dominant, enthuse many who have adopted economic and political concepts hostile to US imperialism in realistic constructed, or constructed in folklore. And it became the "anti-American" concept in the most streamlined prevalent in many analyzes defined Madha this new international assembly.

The common factor theory, then, is to try to build a political and economic body in exchange for what they see as the unfair Odbyatem control the resources of the universe and its tracks. In practice, lining combines hostility to American policy, or running it, or even imagined ones, the task forces and the pop-up economically and demographically. If we reflect consideration of the institutions of this political states dates and rhetoric we see that it was always adopts anti-theory, and even fight, American imperialism.

China, which Sakint communism with openness (Alanvlac?) Economic without any deterrent ideological, or attempt to justify Saasi, see muttering US towards it, and towards the far east of Asia, the threat is not real-time perhaps, but it exists. They are looking for the promotion of economic and political control of the surrounding countries, in addition to the expansion of "non-imperialist" in principle, the direction of Africa and South America. As for India, all political backgrounds claims of anti-imperialism, and sometimes are bidding them a little anti-Zionism, in the duplication of a banner, as the security and military relations with Israel and deep rooted, but the historic US support for Pakistan pay their enemy in this direction. South Africa is trying to get out of the era of racism abhorrent, Mottagrbh of the independence and sovereign political concepts to their credit, but financial aid to African dictatorships and Blur relations with some symbols of corruption continental put big question marks. As for Russia, and there was nothing wrong, in terms of extensions and external and internal ambitions and abuses, and support the political and financial symbols of tyranny, and the development of a network of corruption and the corruption of proven competence and rigor. However, it remains the subject of sovereignty and retrieval of glory and revenge of those who underestimated the great empire compass of its foreign policy, under the cloak of anti-imperialism and also also. And where there are that will destroy the Chechen people explosive barrels, there are companies rebuild Grozny, and will benefit greatly from demolish and burn his now drums itself in the Arab region.

Remains Brazil, which has no territorial ambitions, nor militarily to its army pursuit, but is looking for markets where available to do so, and seeking to restore the awakening of its economy under avalanches frequent, high voices demanding accountability rampant, high-level corruption.

The Brazilian minister, who has contributed to building and strengthening all of the above occur, in his intervention Argentine Iranian nuclear deal, like a victory to face. This does not stem from lack of, it was the minister who led the tripartite negotiations that brought together Iran, Turkey and Brazil, in an effort to find a compromise solution was reached in the fifth month of the year 2010 and rejected by the United States then. But Ncute amounts by reference to that area, and as a result of this agreement, will get rid of nuclear weapons, carrying disregard stranger to the expert like him Israel's nuclear arsenal. It also added that the agreement would allow Iran to participate in the fight against terrorism organization Daash, it is the "farce" that can not be hidden on an ancient diplomat like him. It is unaware of Iran's role in spreading terrorism, and strengthening thought and practice, in this calamity. And if it ignores this command to an end in the same Jacob, Valmuseibh order. Does Iran will soon join the BRICS group?