Historic opportunity in front of the Integrity Commission 8/30
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Thread: Historic opportunity in front of the Integrity Commission 8/30

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    Historic opportunity in front of the Integrity Commission 8/30

    Historic opportunity in front of the Integrity Commission

    A few months ago I wrote an article on the possibility of voting for the head of the Integrity Commission and install it, at the time we say that it takes a miracle, under political pressure, and quotas party, which has become a milestone in the country but not impossible, and today my estimation've got a miracle, and can now be voted on as president authentic thanks to the pressure of the masses, as well as it is a product of the new situation, and did not contaminate Bodran previous government of corruption.

    Although we are aware that for the past six months of taking Yasiri is not enough for to announce the completion of the investigation files after receiving the administration, because any issue that needs to be resolved for a long time even in favor of or against the accused.

    In order to invest the COI huge public mandate, must be subjected to the completion of four files:
    - The first file: re-examine some of the Commission staff who seem to suspect corruption, and re-read their resumes, and how they managed across from owning apartments for themselves and their brothers in Salhiya Complex, Haifa Street and other complexes, taking advantage of their relationships with the departments that belong to it these apartments, and this exploitation and functional.
    - The second file is to exceed the previous administration errors in charges with the aim of political projection as an expression of disease or malice hit some of them, or pleasing to others, and in front of me examples of fabricated recounted against Shabibi, and Muhammad Tawfiq, and adviser to the current prime minister appearance Saleh al-Jubouri, and Ugaili and others who wrapped up their files or unfold According to their files indicators.
    - The third file: is the open files for large personalities Pat Iraqi public was convinced they were thieves, hovering about them suspicions of corruption, and that the announcement by the Integrity Commission a few days ago at the press conference, only a reference to the figures had not been investigated by previous administrations, and we have seen an increase in the open issues new, and perhaps we will see soon open other important files as I learned from the task of the parties to pursue corruption cases in Iraq, though the Integrity Commission began cracking down on some heads, they'll get a mandate from the people, equivalent to the mandate he received al-Abadi.
    - Fourth file: stay away from trivial issues that follow-up to Atqa within their competence or follow-up staff disagree with some political symbols in both the Integrity Commission or in other departments.

    If our admiration, these four important steps in front of the Integrity Commission could potentially get a mandate, the first cleaning of the integrity of those who are working on the politicization of files and fabricated, and wasting too much time on the file harm or benefit, and the second step is to begin to open large files to senior politicians, the third step avoid the follow-up issues with a view revenge as happened with the others, the last step to avoid trivial issues, and minor irregularities, otherwise I assure you that the obstacles facing their work even if the parliament voted in favor of Yasiri, and wait for news from the Integrity Commission bold decisions which cleaned of those who possess the real estate, they and their siblings and their relatives in residential areas, and the removal of incompetent managers who have proven they Aasalehon career to work at the lowest levels.

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