Abdoo Maliki and al-Shahristani and Anthu Balebadi and Fahdawi 8/30
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Thread: Abdoo Maliki and al-Shahristani and Anthu Balebadi and Fahdawi 8/30

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    Abdoo Maliki and al-Shahristani and Anthu Balebadi and Fahdawi 8/30

    Abdoo Maliki and al-Shahristani and Anthu Balebadi and Fahdawi

    Who among us does not remember the play, which came out on us the previous government when disowned and disavowed responsibility for the electricity issue as the most prominent among the files that are urgently needed by the Iraqi people who suffered suffered due to the acute shortage of electricity supply, especially with the high temperatures this year, which was the reason the exit thousands in demonstrations swept the capital Baghdad and most of central and southern cities of the country.

    We recall then the prime minister at the time (al-Maliki) when it came out at a meeting in the year 2013 included a number of researchers, journalists, and is surprised how misled the electricity file, saying 'are news figures speak for near lift the energy level to 30 000 MW and a surplus for export out of Iraq, but clear Later that this is not true '!! Here it is intended to friend and ally (Hussain al-Shahristani), who was directly responsible for the energy file in the country, which is the other we went out Pferah export electricity to neighboring countries to discover later that we can not even produce what fills our need.

    The purpose of recalling this Aloacaia is what happened today from the grill to the Minister of Electricity process (Fahdawi) and here I am not defending the man who ascended the Ministry of Heavy legacy of confusion and poor planning and management not to mention the corruption that surrounds many of the contracts concluded by the previous governments, and we also do not take a imams on the government Abadi it also received replete with corruption and partisan mafias which brought the country to the brink of the abyss government, and we must remember a few things about the interrogation process which is intended to provide a scapegoat of the previous stage failed all Almqaass which is not a concept, and not how to seek parliament or if you will expression of those who want to undermine the current minister imams various methods of throwing him unjustly, but it was better to bring those responsible for the loss of about 27 billion dollars were intended to address the power crisis.

    The already high for the deputy Sheikh Ali had previously said during a press conference building, the House of Representatives that "the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki is responsible for squandering $ 27 billion was earmarked for improving energy electricity during his successive governments," then everyone knows this thing, so why are not questioning al-Maliki Especially we are witnessing the awakening of governmental and parliamentary reforms, and why are not questioned wanted to export electricity to other countries (Shahristani) who slough off a deal to buy (turbines) from the United States and Germany, gas-fired power generation to discover later that we can not secure these fuels in order to generation of electricity, but is this misleading and corrupt and laughing on chins.

    And where those who are demanding to be Fahdawi victim, former ministers who have proved their involvement files corruption graying her hair, and no single cream far from this file or other affiliates of the influential parties who control way and another, and the protection of senior officials on many of the contracts that have cost country material losses as well as deficiencies in performance and energy saving within the time specified ceilings.Perhaps the report of the committees of energy the Parliamentary Integrity, who confirmed that the problem of electricity in Iraq borne by the previous government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Committee of previous ministerial power, headed by Hussain al-Shahristani, noting that the absence of strategic planning and financial and administrative corruption and the lack of coordination between the Zarota oil and electricity is one of the main reasons for the poor services provided in the country, the imbalance may person clearly identified who was responsible.

    Accordingly, we must stand also identify those responsible without accusations of a person Fahdawi or head of government because they Tzlma You believe all of us that they are not guilty in respect thereof as far as being responsible may weigh their shoulders but will not make them deviate from their approach in the country's service, then let him complete interrogation of those who have played the fate of Iraqis without exception or fear, that we have a crucial stage either say no or tide takes us away from the right path ..

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