Iraqi parliament to postpone the vote on the law of the National Guard until further notice

By Mustafa Curran

26 minutes ago

Roudao - Baghdad

Said a member of the House of Representatives from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Risan Sheikh Dler bloc, said on Sunday that the National Guard Law has been postponed until further notice.

She Risan network Roudao media: "Today's meeting was part of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to vote on the agenda of the National Guard and law but because of the points of contention between the political blocs in parliament adjourned for an hour."

She said the MP "after the break and the second round of the meeting, the political blocs do not agree on the law of the National Guard, for this has been postponed until further notice."

He said that Roudao network reporter on the contentious points of the National Guard Law is that the Kurds are demanding that the composition of the army in the disputed areas in consultation with the Ministry of Peshmerga, and that the powers of this army be under the local government and conservation authority.

He said that the reporter Roudao year are also demanding to be the law of the validity of the National Guard, however, the provincial council and local government and the army will be composed of people of the province and not from other provinces.

He said the reporter that the Shiites are demanding that the National Guard is affiliated law militants popular crowd system, meaning that the people of Iraq from Basra that they can participate in Kirkuk or Anbar or any other provinces.

National Guard and witness the law of sharp differences between the political blocs in the Iraqi parliament, one of the points which was formed by the current Iraqi government.