Nomani: We support open private banks in Wasit

Wasit / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - said the Wasit Provincial Council Member expected Nomani that the local government in Wasit supports nor opposes his potential financial capacity to open the eligibility of banks in Wasit, where the opening of these banks will contribute to the provision of financial services to the citizens support the economy the province.

The local government in Wasit and announced earlier, for the development of legal and financial controls in the Investment Authority obliges investment companies to work on the completion of projects, as well as support for banks operating in the province.

He said Nomani's (IMN) that "Wasit province with fewer than five community banks, hence the opening of the community banks, will have a significant economic returns on the economy of the province, as well as improving the commercial market in the province."

The Wasit Provincial Council earlier, it has been controls put in coordination with the National Investment Authority will protect investments in the province and at the same time, financial and legal controls that will not allow these companies to exploit land that is given to them to invest or carry out money laundering mode.

Nomani said that "there is support for investors who tries to open the community banks in the province."

The local government in Wasit confirmed earlier, that investment is the only solution to get out of the current financial distress.