Jordanian Minister denies reports of her country's open borders with Iraq
AUGUST 30, 2015

Amman - Anatolia - denied the Jordanian Minister of Transport, Lina Shabib, the health of the reports about the imminent reopening of the borders of her country with its eastern neighbor Iraq, in the coming hours.

And Vakteft Shabib said, "There is no truth to that," without giving further details.

The diplomatic sources at the Iraqi Embassy confirmed "the lack of information in this regard."

The Iraqi government announced mid-July (July) the closure of the border with Jordan "until further notice", without explanation.

According to the statement published by the Amman Chamber of Industry middle of this month, it has reached initial losses to the industry of more than 200 million dinars, and 20 factories stopped production due to the closure of the Iraqi border.

The crossing (Trebil) only land port that connects Iraq, Jordan, while bringing the border between the two countries along the 181 km.

And displays this crossing to blow up the process adopted by the organization "Daash" the end of April / May last, claimed the lives of a number of Iraqi security forces, as well as the bombing on Saturday, which led to the killing of five Iraqi officers.