The Electoral Commission and internal Kurdistan sign MoU

Twilight News / Independent Electoral Commission and the Minister of the Interior took place in the province of Kurdistan a memorandum of understanding between the two sides to enhance the prospects of joint cooperation will be held on Thursday, 08.27.2015.

The deputy chairman of the Board of Commissioners in the election commission Kata Zobaie in an interview with Lord of Twilight News, said the note, which was signed with the interior minister of the province Karim Sinjari focused on the registration of employees of the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan Region recording Bayomtrella to ensure their participation in the upcoming electoral benefits and to cast their votes and not to miss this right Aldstorlafrad which is guaranteed by the Iraqi people.

He added that there are obligations contained in the memorandum between the parties contribute to facilitating the Commission and the Interior Ministry task in overcoming obstacles through the formation of a central committee sub-committees in the provinces to continue to work on the completion of Albaaomitri adherents registration process in order to prepare the voters register your vote in accordance with the new mechanism established by the Commission."

He stressed that the two sides Zobaie Sitapaan through joint coordination work of mobile teams of UNHCR and the process of scheduling the movement of these teams depending on the security units as well as the number of sites where the associate.

He said that the note is a road map to facilitate the work of the Office tasks in voter registration employees of the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan Regional cooperation for the purpose of applying the terms of the memorandum practical application.