Dhi Qar decided to keep the "education" for the quota system and the nomination of the names on efficiency

Shafaq News / The President of the Council of Dhi Qar Hamid Gazan, on Sunday, raising to maintain the Directorate will be outside the quota system through efficient names nomination for the post of Director-General, noting that it will change the heads of some departments and collaborators.

A statement of the Council responded to Twilight News, said the Gazan said, during a meeting with a number of graduates who demonstrated in front of the Council building to demand the grades and the removal of education from quotas Directorate, the Directorate of Education is the rest of the circuit will choose the owners of expertise and efficiency of managers away from quotas partisan through opening of the nomination and raise the names to the governor, who in turn will nominate three names to the Council in order to vote.

He added that the Gazan Education Committee in the Council will develop a full study on the heads of education departments and collaborators and in the light of the study will change them.

With regard to the appointments Gazan stressed that the provincial council is the supervisory and legislative hand, and nothing to do with appointments of education because it is the prerogative of the Ministry of Education exclusively and may not be for the Council to interfere, but he also said the council rejects the unfairness of Dhi Qar and random appointments sons and as partisan and clientelism.

The statement added that the Gazan stressed that the Council will be held accountable all those involved in the people of the province of grades and loss deprived.

The statement noted that the Gazan also met with a number of university students who demanded an end to what they called the phenomenon of "caravans" and use study Kqaat within universities.

He noted that a pledge that he would strive to end this phenomenon because it is Atliq students, pointing at the same time that he would approach the competent authorities for the purpose of completing education projects needed by the students and build a modern classrooms right for them.

It is said that dozens of graduates Sunday morning in front of the provincial council building to demand the firing of the Ministry of Education of grades, and fairly graduates slice and finding appropriate solutions to them, and the reopening of the nomination on the compensatory jobs that launched the pre-door, and increase grades, and activating the retirement law and directed to overcome the legal age in the service.