The Iraqi street waiting for bold moves after authorization
By: wab1
Date: Sunday, 30-08-15 05:17 am

Baghdad: Othello Djeffal
Capital Baghdad and other governorates million man demonstrations demanding the President of the Council
Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi further reforms, stressed that the so-called great whales with courage and without hesitation.
This week, the demonstrations were different from previous weeks, so I went out of State support for the Prime Minister to take bold steps, while by Abbadi criticized by members of the Government and Parliament.
The State of law Coalition mp Ali al-allaq said in an interview for "Baghdad" news "Abbadi today brave enough to undertake these reforms, and any talk about violations of the Constitution or laws must declare clearly and by concerned", adding that "the President speaks out, be brave and announce the Attorney who wishes to either of the three articles or of others, rather than talking through this and that constitutional violations."
He added that "the majority in the Government and Parliament and party supporters for reforms Abadi, including Party Secretary General Nuri al-Maliki, although the latter may have different views about Al-Ibadi, however support for his reforms.
He noted the relationship to "Abbadi announced clearly and explicitly a few days ago during a meeting with journalists and politicians that he would not resign from the Dawa party, which had been knocked out of mercy", denying any intention to Abadi to Maliki partisan. "
For his part, says a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee, Massoud Haider in an interview for "Baghdad" news "Abbadi need cooperation and constant consultation with parliamentary committees and Parliament in General, so that transparency and propositions that would eject Iraq from its crises."
Adds Haider demanded parliamentary Finance since its formation by the austerity and retrenchment, and this was evident through articles that have been edited in the public budget law for the year 2015, but Mr. Abadi away much the Commission and Parliament to consult on reforms ", adding that" the (adrenalin) boost to request authorization to amend constitutional articles, forgetting that any amendment to the Constitution must be voted by the people. "
Hyder asserts that "it is not difficult for Iraq that goes beyond the financial crisis, frighten people with talk of cutting salaries during the month of October or bankruptcy of Iraq is very dangerous and far from the facts, yes Iraq is suffering from a financial crisis, but they are solvable, especially that the country is very rich in its bounty and has cash reserves exceeding 56 billion dollars."
Member of the parliamentary legal Committee, mp high Nassif says, speaking for "Baghdad" news "of the three reform packages presented by the Prime Minister, the prosthesis and not of high importance, and the first packet looks like it wanted to liquidate opponents who were in positions of Deputy Presidents and Ministers.
Helen adds that "the recent meeting with Al-Abadi did not find me any clear vision for reform, and has demanded that the Cabinet itself, to bring the Government of technocrats."
Helen points out that "Parliament vote on the package was initially, where you must stop at any point contrary to the Constitution and the laws in force, and were vote for reform as reform, however, Al-Abbadi occurred in many legal pitfalls, for example, the Ministry of health does not legally have to now, while ownership of the Ministry of environment law, Abbadi merge Ministry almkonnh Ministry of not having the law."
Helen confirms that "Abadi claim to impose a State of emergency or to demand the dissolution of Parliament to call early elections, the spot can exercise real reform."