MPs are critical of what he described as "thieves" in the demonstrations and al-Jubouri directed to submit a proposal around

Deputies criticized in the parliament session today and descriptions accusations against them released into the Altazahriat as "thieves and thieves."
He called on the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mohsen al-Sadoun the need to stand on this phenomenon, and rehabilitation to the parliament as the highest legislative authority in the country and representatives of the people "strongly criticized" Such slogans.

"For his part, House Speaker Salim al reject any attack illegal to parliament and tasked Legal Committee of Parliament to submit a proposed law to all attacks that affect the House of Representatives.
The country has seen popular demonstrations criticizing the privileges and financial allocations accorded to officials with poor services and rampant corruption and unemployment.
It is said that the House of Representatives approved on 13 of August being on government and parliamentary reforms include the abolition of the differences in salaries pack through reform of salaries and allowances system, and provide a new system during the month, and the abolition of the special provisions for each presidencies, bodies and institutions of the state and retired them by instructions issued by the Prime Minister to take into account the justice and professional Alachtsas.anthy