House of Representatives end questioning Minister of Electricity & read three laws
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Thread: House of Representatives end questioning Minister of Electricity & read three laws

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    House of Representatives end questioning Minister of Electricity & read three laws

    House of Representatives end the questioning and Minister of Electricity and perform read three laws

    House of Representatives ended its session seventeen normal, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 264 deputies on Saturday 29/8/2015, questioning the Minister of Electricity Mr. Qassim Fahdawi process in addition to the completion of reading the three bills.

    At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri mourned the name of the Iraqi Council of Representatives of the martyr Abdel-Rahman Abu loaf deputy commander and commander of the Anbar Operations X band Sven Abdul Majid and a constellation of martyrs in the Anbar Operations Command

    Mr. Jubouri also stressed the follow-up to the House of Representatives and the competent committees of each paper money linked to reforms, adding that the Council will review what has been accomplished in the papers and government and parliamentary reforms.

    In another matter the President of the Council rejected any aggression or offended by some of the media on the House of Representatives and the establishment of lawsuits to go to any attack suffered by the Council, calling on the Legal Committee to submit a proposal in this regard.

    In another matter, the Council questioned Mr. Qassim Fahdawi Minister of Electricity at the request submitted by MP Salah al-Jubouri.

    President al-Jubouri, opened the questioning session by thanking the deputy Salah al-Jubouri, for his role in the activation of constitutional texts praising the minister of electricity to respect the Constitution and attend the hearing.

    The MP Salah al-Jubouri that the interrogation was based on in-depth consultations and in response to the demands of the demonstrators fact that the questioning of the Minister continued to block parliamentary deputy questioned represent a gesture to open the way for the other blocs to question ministers belonging to her, noting that the interrogation would be professionally and not politically.

    At the outset of the interrogation process Jubouri MP inquired about the issue and bypass the instructions in violation of government contracts and the assignment of a consultant to the company and the Inscription violation Book Ministry of Planning and the Ministry for the Prevention of project studies and favoritism in inviting project.

    In replying to Mr. Fahdawi pointed out that the Ministry of Electricity was suffering from late projects and poor vision and corruption and delay and the need to financial and economic and engineering expertise, which necessitated the use of an office in London and another law firm to find unconventional solutions to electricity projects lagging where many of the problems exceeded, pointing out that call for action has under the Implementing Regulations of government contracts No. 2 of 2014 in force and is officially installed measures, noting that the Ministry of Planning did not object to a company that did not exceed the efficiency standards of the project were invited to the three consulting firms and has an assignment on the Inscription office being in conformity with the standards and the lowest prices, especially The exchange of the project was the amount of advance of the investment budget.

    Commenting on the response, Mr. Minister, MP Salah al-Jubouri, the Implementing Regulations of government contracts allowed the Ministry of several ways and it was the minister said that the project presents Kmenaqsh not directly calls for companies, especially that there are a number of conditions does not apply to the company.

    Mr. Fahdawi that explained the reason for resorting to direct call and not the announcement because the specialized work choice of consulting office comes to help develop strategic plan tightly few work and mistakes where it was with the help of consulting Office and the Ministry of Electricity Plan for the years 2016 and 2017 mode.

    Turn between the Attorney-Jubouri that the rudiments Sergeant company indicates that most of its members are colleagues of Mr. Minister during his previous work in the mic and did not know about them any earlier work.

    As explained Fahdawi the company during his tenure as the work of al-Anbar province he was positive, calling for the formation of an investigative committee to look into the existence of any corruption in the work of the company.

    He asked the Attorney-Jubouri for bypass and contrary to the instructions in the referral and rehabilitation of units 3 and 4 of the thermal station during the course of the assignment of the project to the UAE Uruk company, a non-specialized
    Replied Mr. electricity minister has been invited to ten specialized companies and offers shrunk to three companies and referred to the UAE company based on official approvals and the company has experience in completing the establishment of stations and had previously completed a power plant in Taji and Mansouria.

    For his part, MP pointed out that al-Jubouri, the owner of the company Mr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, one of the minister's colleagues as there are no similar work for the company to set up steam stations, but has worked in the field of gas stations.

    The minister rejected any accusation existence of a personal relationship with the director of the company, noting that the company competent and have experience in the implementation of the contract.

    He inquired MP Salah al-Jubouri for the Indian company's role in Nasiriyah power station and that have not been withdrawn and the confiscation of work letter of guarantee because of its failure to work.

    In his answer, Mr. Fahdawi stressed that the company is not good evaluation was to refer the project to them years ago and there were two choices: either terminate the contract within a year or waiving amicably from the contract and to allocate it to another company but later reversed its position to waive alluding to the ministry's inability to solve the problem.
    Among MP Salah al-Jubouri of an explicit violation carried out by the Ministry of Electricity of wasting public money in accordance with the law as it has been the contract with the Indian company and the assignment did not occur in the term of the minister, but the company has not adhered to in the implementation of the project but are considered lagging behind its work and he must Thblgaha and the ministry did not placing them on the list companies are lagging did not assign the contract to a Turkish company was included within the tender despite the availability of the necessary conditions and specifications and with the same material value.

    Mr. Fahdawi stated that the ministry will during the month of January of next year, the development of the Indian company in the black list.

    He explained that the MP Salah al-Jubouri default this framework has cost Iraq up to $ 56 million could have been avoided squandered time.

    In response to suspicions of corruption to hold establishment of a power station investment contract with MAS Holdings If you change the technical specifications after the contract and to retain the value, he said Mr. Fahdawi was signed two contracts with Diamond Holding Company and by the applicable regulations and did not record any suspicions of corruption in two decades.

    The MP pointed to al-Jubouri, a change in the category of fuel by the ministry of gas to black oil.

    For his part, Mr. Fahdawi The shift was positive the fact that the cost of black oil which is less in favor of the ministry as there is no change in the contract.

    And on confirm MP questioned the existence of irregularities committed by the Minister of Electricity is to go beyond the circle of the Inspector General and contracting with local companies of Foreign Affairs under the control address and amounts huge, Mr. Minister of Electricity confirmed the existence of the idea of ​​contracting with local companies external to identify corruption sites and there was no waste in the amounts and the ministry Contracting with other offices outside Iraq's progress Mharat bank.

    And it gave the Attorney-Jubouri question for not dealing impartially with the investment companies and the failure to adopt a fixed standard to deal with the contracting companies in terms of duration and bank guarantees.

    Mr. Fahdawi stressed that the contracts signed so far, there are no violations of the hand-term bank guarantees or the existence of interventions, but with respect to fuel change where it was freezing the contract with a company and find an alternative venue for the station in Baghdad.

    In response to the announcement of MP Salah al-Jubouri, the company did not you can repeat performance of the contract they do not have any experience, Mr. electricity minister stressed that the ministry in case of doubt executing the company The ministry will tighten bail procedures by either companies that have previous work can provide facilities have, noting that Iraq is not an attractive environment for investment despite the provision of the facilities by the Ministry of Electricity.

    Made inquiries MP questioned about the lack of a clear vision in the calculation of the price of electricity production investment for companies contracting with the ministry despite the different type of fuel.

    Mr. Qassim Fahdawi and stressed that the purchase of a unified investment companies price for the stations gas-powered also said the ministry has asked to buy the unit operating the black oil is equal to units of gas when supplied by the Ministry of Oil noting that the 3.2 cents per unit black oil operating acceptable price.

    Commenting on the response the minister said the Attorney-Jubouri that the adoption of a flat rate is not true Fastosmar station built differs from the investment in the plant is a new creation, as the minister said that the list prices specific to the new stations either existing plants The price set lower than the price mentioned.

    Put MP questioned about the existence of an inquiry exceeded and contrary to refer to Carr stations investment company in Rumaila being the Shatt al-Arab working different Petknlogia.

    Mr. Minister of Electricity and stressed that the referral to the side of the station and investment vehicle has been on the combined cycle station located, noting that it is not necessarily that the session be installed equipment from the company executing the station and there was no violation of the fact that the station made of two different
    And across the MP for the surprise of the assignment of different project for the two companies, one specialized in oil and gas and other ministry to grant Carr investment company without a tender announcement
    And between the minister he said Carr company will add a new station to station in the production of electric energy within the project of combined cycle and the investor is from chooses implementation, explaining that the previous government referred the three decades of the Ministry of the three companies did not submit special offers, but has been implementation of the resolution, which was passed by the Council of Ministers and the recommendation of the state energy committee.

    And poor management and planning and the lack of a clear vision on the electricity file management in the country, which reflected negatively on the ministry's administration, Mr. Qassim Fahdawi electricity minister replied that the previous administration focused on the production without paying transport networks and distribution full attention and the best is the limited electrical power in Baghdad, which does not exceed 3,500 MW because of the inability of the distribution network and not to activate the planning and follow-up department.

    Mr. Fahdawi that drew lack of financial allocations represents one of the most important challenges and that contact to 16% of the needs of the ministry, pointing out that the ministry has submitted a plan of action for 2016 and working to eliminate the problem of electricity in 2018, calling for concerted efforts and support of all the state institutions for the advancement of electricity explaining The gas stations have been implemented while the settings lacking gas to run.

    And between Mr. and electricity minister said the ministry has steps must pass by the company wishing to invest, including follow-up to the British company working with the ministry of each matters relating to investment companies, explaining that the production was in the last year 10 500 MW, but now stands at 13 and 400 MW

    In response to an interview with Mr. Minister of Electricity MP Salah al-Jubouri that confirmed mismanagement are not related to Mr. Minister, but each minister since 2003, which led to the poor overall situation of electricity, adding that electricity is located does not represent a minimum of ambition, noting that the study offers companies showed a decline of competition among a number of companies where the assignment has to Diar based on favoritism.

    But Mr. electricity minister has confirmed the existence of the failures of inherited problems from the past years, adding that the unit price of the product from Iraq of 12.2 cents either imported unit price of Iran of 10 cents with a unit price of the product by a company (MTV X) has been contracted to a 2.2 cents a Maaahr a large corruption in this file, but the company has not implemented the project so far, noting that the Department of stations put bad and the other good standing.

    At the end of the interrogation session, the Council voted on the conviction with answers Mr. Qassim Fahdawi Minister of Electricity.

    President al-Jubouri announced after the end of the interrogation and the end of accountability based on the House vote.
    On the other hand Mr. Speaker expressed his acceptance of a parliamentary request to host Mr. Haider Abadi, head of the Council of Ministers meeting of the Council after coordination with Mr. Abadi.

    Council ended the first reading of the draft amendment to the Code of Criminal Procedure Act No. 23 of 1971, as submitted by the Legal Committee in order to organize the implementation of judicial verdicts in death penalty against perpetrators of crimes punishable by such punishment and determine the period of time for the ratification of these terms and form in which it contributes to the achievement of justice and to ensure the rights of victims in order to ensure security and stability.

    Council voted in principle to Shining legislation bill.

    Mr. Jubouri announced the submission of a request signed by 50 members on the existence of confusion in the understanding of the voting process on the issue of deciding the conviction of members of the House of Representatives the process of questioning Mr. Minister of Electricity and postpone deciding which look to next week to study the meaning of article 61 of the Iraqi Constitution in Mahls voted to reject the request promise the subject of the interrogation terminated.

    On the other hand, the Council completed the first reading of the draft first amendment to the law to compensate those affected by the military operations and military errors and terrorist operations Law No. (20) for the year 2009 and submitted by the Committee of the martyrs and victims and political prisoners to increase the amount of compensation for those affected by military operations and military mistakes and terrorist attacks that occurred in the Republic of Iraq during and after the fall of the former regime and simplify the work of the committees formed under the law procedures and speed up the resolution of the files in the presence of permanent to those committees and to avoid some of the gaps borne out of law enforcement.

    The Board completed the second reading of the draft law amending the Income Tax Law No. (113) for the year 1982 and provided financial and legal committees.

    In the interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs MP Jawad al-Bolani bill that contributes to tax evasion and not reduced, noting that pay the tax must be done in ways that differ from the current way to stay away from bribes, calling to offer a reward to encourage citizens to pay the tax.

    She MP Nora Albjara exemption to the importance of two tranches of widows and children orphaned minors from the tax, calling for a single window between taxes and real estate registration to alleviate the suffering of the citizens.
    MP Abbas al-Bayati, that the tax increase or decline associated with the economic reality of the country.

    The MP suggested Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu exempt gets a residence for the first time from the tax.

    For its part, it saw high Nassif said Rep tax comes met in order to provide service to the citizen and in the light of the deterioration of services, the payment of a tax offense, demanding that it include income that went to lessors big tax breaks.

    And Rep. Najiba Najib has shown the importance of amending the draft Income Tax Act and in accordance with the current economic system and that fits with the needs of the country that is going through the circumstances of the war on terror and the suffering of the displaced.

    He MP Mahmoud al-Hassan to the need to reconsider the laws concerning taxes, especially the tax regime in Iraq is very backward and falls short to the regulations in force in the countries of the world, noting that the method of tax collection is not the level of the financial budget can rely on.

    In its response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed taking into consideration the views and suggestions of the ladies and gentlemen of the House of Representatives fueling law.

    The Presidency has decided to postpone the vote on the draft of the National Guard and submitted by the committees, defense and legal Security Act while ripening.

    And then decided to adjourn the meeting on Sunday 30/8/2015

    The information department
    Iraqi Council of Representatives
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