A source reveals the secret of the dispute between the political blocs on the Law of the National Guard!

A source in parliament on Saturday, that the word 'Sons of Iraq' and 'sons of the provinces' cause bubbling Unlike the National Guard on the draft law, stressing that the National Alliance supports the first and the Union of Forces goes with the second word to determine who are the nucleus of the National Guard. The source said in a press statement I followed the news, that 'the National Guard law sparked sharp differences within the political blocs in the parliament, where differing views between supporters for approval of who they saw as a solution to the problems of Iraq's security, and between shows as a nucleus to split the country'. The source added that 'all provisions of the law may have to pass, but the dispute on the basis of law came about the word' Sons of Iraq 'and the word' sons of the provinces' item in the nucleus of the National Guard. "
The source pointed out that 'the National Alliance and all affiliated to the blocks stresses that the' Sons of Iraq 'are the nucleus of the National Guard, while insisting the Union forces to put the word' sons of the provinces 'to be forming the nucleus'.

National Guard and law raised many differences within the House of Representatives, where many of the blocs insist on making the popular crowd real nucleus of the National Guard, among others to be demanding composition based on a territorial basis.