Kurdish lawmaker reveals preventing a thousand people from the people of Nineveh of pilgrimage

Starting the first trip of the pilgrims Najaf Airport
A member of the Kurdistan Alliance for Nineveh Knight Albraivkana province, on Saturday, to prevent a thousand people from the people of Nineveh perform the Hajj, while stressing raise a formal request for a major Cabinet and the House of Representatives to allow them to perform the rituals.

Fares Albraivkana during a press conference at the parliament building and attended (range Press), it was "in line with the government reforms were supposed to do justice to the Hajj and Umrah Nineveh province," asserting that "A person from the people of Nineveh, including senior age and patients, completed the physical and legal guardians to perform the Hajj, but they were surprised by preventing them from traveling. "

He Albraivkana he "made a formal request to the President of the House of Representatives and the Prime Minister to cancel the decision and give them the opportunity to perform the Hajj," calling on the House of Representatives members from Nineveh province to "support this demand and lift the ban on the people of the province to perform the Hajj."

The Najaf International Airport administration announced on Tuesday (25 August 2015), the launch of the first pilgrims journey on board the Iraqi Airways carrying 300 pilgrims, while confirming that the trips of pilgrims will continue by flight or two flights a day until the end of the pilgrimage season.

Revealed Hajj and Umrah, in (22 August 2015), for reducing the number of Iraqi pilgrims for this year by 20%, and attributed to the ongoing in the Grand Mosque in Mecca expansion work, and in agreement with the Saudi Aviation confirmed to secure their return in 14 of the argument, called counselors escorts for pilgrims to respect the laws of the host country and the commitment of moderate religious discourse.

The High Authority for the Hajj and Umrah identified, in (15 August 2015), on the 25th of August, the date for the start of the first convoy to the Holy Land, with eye to send to Oman administrative delegation in order to obtain entry visas to Saudi Arabia.

It is said that the Supreme Commission for Hajj and Umrah, announced (June 6, 2015), not to the possibility of postponing the pilgrimage lottery winners this year for any reason after obtaining access to Saudi Arabia feature, while the reason for this is attributed to the "wasted" full cost seats.