Parliamentary Economy: mobile phone companies must invest in Iraq

Baghdad scales News - Called for economic and investment commission in Parliament, Saturday, Communications Commission to prepare a paper reforms to the work of the mobile phone companies.

He said committee member Abdul-Salam al-Maliki told a news conference attended / scales News / "The breach item needed for companies to invest 75% of its imports in projects within the country. Ichira that reforms are tough going but it is the fate of peoples".

He added that "it is our duty as representatives of the people, that work very hard to support those demands, whatever the reasons, and are not focused on institutions and government departments only, but should be there also monitoring and accounting for private companies operating in the country, which took advantage of the exceptional circumstances in which we live to make profits a fictional account on the poor citizen. "

"The mobile phone companies drain the daily value of 15% of the oil revenues by communication service without state learn the fate of these amounts, especially since there is a clause in the agreement with these companies is included in the federal budget for the current year provides that investment those companies for 75% of its revenue at home. "

He noted that "the number of subscribers of citizens in those companies as customers is 26 million subscribers and the size of the amounts that have those companies turning out of the country more than seven billion dollars, which was supposed to be the ones accounted for 75% of the investment within the country the equivalent of almost 5.5 billion dollar. "

He called al-Maliki, the Telecommunications Authority that "the process of comprehensive reform and work to prepare a paper include mechanisms that will work through the imposition of taxes on those companies without hurting citizens and to guarantee the commitment of those companies the terms of the agreement with them with the formation of specialized committees carry it upon themselves to put the mechanics of Accounting to ensure non-recurrence of such manipulations. "

He called on "communications and regulatory body also on the application of all the terms of contracts for mobile phone companies, Internet and retroactively for all years, and that is forcing those companies to pay what Bzmthm of money and accruals and only For the concerned authorities cancel their contracts and compel it provided the box and contracted with other companies more credible and professional." It ended 29 / d 25