Diwaniya governor announces his resignation

Ft governor of Diwaniyah Ammar civil, on Friday, announced his resignation to the Prime Minister for approval, as warned those he called "the owners of the narrow interests" who are capable of distortion and miscarriage, he pointed out that the only way to push reforms in the province is getting direct government support.

He said in the civil addressed to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi statement, he was "out of your schedule to hit the reform of administrative corruption and put in your hands slack demand my resignation from the post of governor to move forward the reform steps."

Civil and added that "the next phase vague landmarks in the presence of the owners of the narrow interests who are able to distortion and miscarriage," noting that "the only way to push reforms in the province is getting direct support from the government to hit strongly reservoirs corruption and consensus."

He called on civil prime minister to "accept his resignation request in the time he deems appropriate in the interest of everyone."
The governor of Muthanna Ibrahim Mayali, announced on Friday (August 28, 2015), about his resignation from his post, and pointed out that he could not proceed with the "obstructionist partner."